Skip Beat : No Ordinary Story


Last Monday,I bought Skip Beat DVD with cheapest price at The Mines.The main reason I'm watching this drama because of Lee Dong Hae and Choi Siwon (both are members of Super Junior).

This is Taiwanese drama even both main actors are from Korea.But all the production members are from Taiwan and Japan.FYI,this drama based on popular manga.

I found something in this story.SOMETHING! I thought this is no ordinary story.Not typical Taiwanese or Korea drama.It's just different from another stories in television.

I can learn many things about passion,dream,love,life,acting even entertainment industry.I don't praise this drama because I love Taiwanese drama since I was in primary school,I realized that while watching this drama I had notebook and pen beside me.

So,I analyse the storyline and the script.Yeah,the script is awesome.The dialogue is very beyond my expectation.The scriptwriter must be someone very good because she or he takes much self reflection,experiences and observation.

Seriously,for those who want to pursue their passion in acting,this drama can guide you very well.Now,I know how people can became such talented celebrities such as Fasha Sandha,Aaron Aziz,P Ramlee (just few names).They had to observe their characters and get well into the characters.

The female lead,Gong Xi is innocent,enters entertainment industry to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend,Bu Po Shang (Dong Hae).She has qualities that all of us can learn form.She doesn't give up easily.

The male lead,Lian (Si Won) whose voice was dubbed because he can't speak Mandarin well.However,I think Si won played Lian quite good.Same goes with Dong Hae.Both are idols-turn-actors.

Perhaps,it's because Taiwan-Japan collaboration,I can see both culture in this drama.I also learn that become a director,manager,production crew,singer and actor is not easy at all.

Don't worry,this is romantic-comedy drama.

Thanks to Skip Beat,now I watch drama or film with different perspective.

If an apology is all what it takes,then no one will go to hell after death

Quote : From Skip Beat

p/s : Skip Beat on 8tv.Every Saturday 6.30 p.m-8.00 p.m